General FAQs

  • We’re based in London and Brighton and cover all of London, Surrey, Sussex and Kent.

  • Yes, all our equipment is tested annually. Certificate available on request.

  • Yes. We carry £10 million Public Liability Insurance. Certificate available on request.

  • Once you’ve made the decision to book Grand Revelry, we’ll take all the details we need from you and send you out a booking form by email.

    You can then check you’re happy with all the details and with one click, you can confirm the contract online.

    You will also receive an invoice for a deposit to secure the date of your event which can be paid by bank transfer using our reference.

    Once we’ve received both the confirmed booking form and the deposit, we’ll send you a receipt for your deposit and a written confirmation that your booking is secure.

  • Yes. We like to keep the party spirit going and so we can either put one of our playlist on or you can supply us with yours on an iPod which we’ll plug into our system.

  • For a ceilidh band of up to 3 musicians and the disco, we ideally like to have 4m x 2.5m, but we’ll do our best to work with the venue set up. For a disco alone 3m x 2m is fine.

  • We always do everything we can to make it, but if the worst should happen, we have a large network of talented friends and musicians we’ve worked with over the years who we could call on in an emergency.

  • Our PA is modern and well maintained, so we trust that it is reliable. However, we do carry back ups for most of our system and our speakers are ‘powered’ – this means that at the very worst case scenario, we could plug directly into the back of the speaker itself to make sure that you still had entertainment.

  • Yes. When you book, it’s myself you’ll deal with right from the start and I’ll perform at your event. We don’t send out lots of different bands on one night. You are the priority and we like to focus on getting your event just right.

  • We prefer to have an hour and a half to set up, but if this is difficult for you, we’ll do our best to work with the time you have. It takes around an hour to pack away at the end of the night.

  • Yes, early set up times can be arranged when you make your booking. Please note that extra charges will apply.

  • We are a professional company and pride ourselves on our customer service, before, during and after your event. Once you have booked us you can be assured your event will be our highest priority.

  • We hire a special set up for speeches which is separate to our main PA. It comes with 2 handheld radio mics and a neat speaker set up which are ideal for this purpose.

Ceilidh FAQs

  • ‘Ceilidh’ (pronounced ‘kay-lee’) is a gaelic word which literally means ‘a visit’. Traditionally in Scotland a Ceilidh has been a night of wild dancing, poetry, readings and drinking. In short – a party!

    These days the poetry and readings have mostly been dropped, but the dancing and drinking have continued with great enthusiasm.

    You find versions of ceilidh all over the UK and around the world where people meet to dance socially and party the night away. As I’m Scottish, I am a little biased towards those dances, but love finding dances from further afield to incorporate . Dances which are loads of fun and have that same spirit of carefree exuberance which I know makes our ceilidhs extra special.

  • Absolutely. We specialise in wedding ceilidhs and therefore make sure our dances are quickly learned by those who’ve never danced before as well as being enjoyed by those who have. We put guests at their ease and ensure that everyone knows that it’s the fun and enthusiasm that matters, rather than getting the steps perfect. Each dance is taught before the music starts and then the moves are called during the dance to remind you what to do.

  • I grew up in the Scottish dance tradition and so I love to include plenty of Scottish favourites such as Strip the Willow, Dashing White Sergeant, Cumberland Square 8 and Gay Gordons. However, there are some brilliant dances I’ve learnt in recent years from the rest of the British Isles and beyond. Some of my personal favourites include Riverside Jig, Siege of Ennis, Boston Tea Party, Suicide Square and Russian Crown. I find that for guests, it’s more important that a dance is lots of fun and has plenty energy, rather than where it comes from.

  • One meter square per dancer works out well. It really depends on how flamboyant they’re being. At weddings, guests usually want to spend some time chatting to family or friends they haven’t seen for years, so often, it will be between half and a third of your guests dancing at once. If in doubt, please get in touch and I’ll be happy to advise.

  • The ceilidh band play for up to 3 x 45 min sets of dancing and are with you for up to 3 hours in total after set up. This can be extended, but there would be an additional fee. Most of the time, we find that 2 x 1 hour ceilidh sets work brilliantly for most weddings and parties, but you know how energetic your friends are!

  • We find that most of the time, it isn’t a problem to get people dancing. At the start of the night guests can be a little shy or nervous, but by the end of the evening, everyone is on the floor. We have loads of experience of building the right atmosphere and people’s confidence which is often all that’s needed to produce a cracking night. We will never force anyone to dance and pride ourselves in balancing encouragement with respect.

    There are a few things you can do to help things along:

    • If you dance, your guests will dance.

    • Keep the bar and relaxing area in the same room as the dancing

    • Make sure there’s not a long walk up to the dance floor. It’s less intimidating if someone can just stand up from their table to dance.

    • Prime a few more confident friends or bridesmaids to get others involved.

Disco FAQs

  • Of course. We encourage you to choose a selection of your favourite music. Normally about 20 tunes is just right as we know which are the big floor-fillers and need to be a bit flexible on the night with what is working best to get your crowd dancing. In the same way, if there’s any music you prefer to avoid, that’s good to know too.

  • Absolutely. We have request cards which we put on the tables and actively encourage the guests to get involved.